Motion Solutions for Robotics

Allied Motion’s compact brushless DC motors and electronics are designed into robotic devices found in a broad spectrum of applications ranging from surgical robots and IED disposal robots, to automated material handling robots. The medical market as well as the automotive industry rely more and more on automated processes today and utilize robots to support human manpower in a number of ways.

To meet the high demands of these industries regarding quality, precision and safety, motion solutions for robotics need to be compact in designs, featuring dynamic behaviour, high torque-to-weight ratio and highly efficient in speed and torque. With the demand for hollow shaft motors increasing for robotic arm and joint applications to allow for cables to pass through the motor, Allied Motion´s KinetiMax HPD motors meet these requirements.

Allied Motion is always looking to develop aspiring markets, therefore the KinetiMax HPD series was recently launched and is best suitable for robotics and automation applications.