Our Motor Ranges


Allied Motion The Netherlands specializes in outer-rotor brushless DC motors and offers two different motor ranges with various components to meet customers´ demands.

The brushless DC motor ranges, which include our KinetiMax and KinetiMax HPD motor series, are designed for a number of markets and applications. Our KinetiMax DC Motors with Integral Drives are best suited for applications including small blowers, fans, laser scanners and medical equipment. Our KinetiMax HPD series offers solutions for robotics, automation and material handling applications. Each series consists of 5 to 6 frame sizes with different stack lengths. Many additional options regarding the winding or gears and encoders allow you to select an optimum configuration with an exact performance fit for your application.

If, however, your application demands differ from our standard offerings in winding voltages, gear ratios, or other requirements, keep in mind that Allied Motion welcomes the opportunity to provide a custom motor to meet your specific design requirements.

Brushless DC Motor Ranges


Brushless Motors with Drives

  • Extremely compact design
  • Integrated drive electronics
  • Minimized cogging torque and maximized smoothness
  • Customized shaft
  • Customized mounting flange
  • Custom leads and connectors
  • Robust bearing system capable of handling high side loads
  • Minimum operating life of 20,000 hours
  • Special winding configurations
  • Various gearboxes and encoder


KinetiMax HPD

High Power Density Motors

  • Frameless stator-rotor sets
  • Extremely short motor length
  • Integration of larger ballbearings possible
  • Cabling through the motor
  • High torque-to-weight ratio
  • Wide speed-torque range
  • Ideal for battery-fed applications
  • Winding selections for other voltages
  • Automation and robotics