Your next generation of products and systems will be more compact, more precise, more maneuverable than ever before – and they won’t be built with off-the-shelf motion technology. To develop advanced, leading edge systems, you need high performance, custom motion control products and the engineering expertise to optimize them for your application.



Material Handling

Automated material movement in factories and warehouses has become increasingly popular in the recent years. With robotic material handling carts – also called AGV´s (Automated Guided Vehicles), material movement is easier, safer and faster than ever before due to advanced control and drive systems.


Pumps and blower can be found in a number of applications across the medical, laboratory and industrial markets. Whether they are beeing used in anesthesia breathing system, dialysis systems or laser scanners, brushless DC motors are needed to quietly, efficiently and precisely drive these system pumps.


The current Corona Virus pandemic has emphasized the importance of motion solutions for a wide range of medical applications. Many lives depend on highly technological medical equipment and Allied Motion is proud to contribute to saving lives with its excellent and reliable drives and motors for medical ventilators and respirators.


Robots and cobots (collaborative robots) are becoming an integral part of our world. Wether in surgical robots for medical markets or automated material handling robots for logistics 4.0, robots add value and simplify our business life. Allied Motion’s brushless DC motors and integrated electronics are designed into robotic devices in a broad spectrum of applications.

Allied Motion Technologies, Inc.

International Company - Regional Partner

Allied Motion The Netherlands is part of Allied Motion Technologies, Inc. who is headquartered in Amherst, NY, USA. Allied Motion includes 17 international locations, with 6 of them being located in Europe. Allied Motion Technologies Inc. is a global company that designs, manufactures and sells precision and specialty motion control components and systems used in a broad range of industries. While we serve a very broad base of industries, our primary target markets include Vehicle, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics and Industrial. Our products and solutions support a wide variety of applications in these markets and include brush and brushless DC motors, brushless servo and torque motors, coreless DC motors, integrated brushless motor-drives, gearmotors, gearing, modular digital servo drives, motion controllers and drives, incremental and absolute optical encoders, and associated motion control-related products.